But why?

Welcome to my page! This is an excerpt from my first post, which I think sums up my mission nicely:

The name of the blog, Researching in Resistance, is a reference to Star Wars. This is how I see education and my role as an educator: a resistance. A resistance to the decisions made each day by our politicians with no educational experience. A resistance to the high-stakes tests that force teachers to choose between good test scores and job security and authentic learning. A resistance to the popularized belief that things like art and literature—things that have historically been believed to be the very things that make us human and connect us with one another—are just nonessential expenditures that can be slashed for budgetary purposes. Facts and truth are my resistance and I will be writing them here for you (fellow teachers and my mom, most likely) to read. I also hope to educate others about what it is truly like to be in education; to be highly qualified (I’ve done a lot of growing since those two freshman classes) and yet perceived by the world as inept due to the rhetoric surrounding the profession.